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7th Column Destiny Medal Seventh Column


LyncherTV – more commonly known as Lyncher – is a Twitch streamer who helps people each and every […]


EnragedCinema is one of the most well known, respected and liked Destiny streamers on Twitch. Arguably one of […]

Focused Fire Chat

Focused Fire Chat is a podcast that focuses on the lore of Destiny. They have a weekly podcast […]


TMcFly is a Trials of Osiris Sherpa and has been an active member of the destiny community since […]

Beverage Man

Maurizio (I’m The Beverage Man) is a very talented shotgunning, titan main PVP player in the Destiny universe. Watching […]


NavaBear is a Twitch streamer who enjoys playing PVP in Destiny. Whether it’s with friends or with members […]


SwolyBible is a PVP streamer who helps members of the Destiny community with Trials of Osiris. Whether it’s for gold […]


Hendrixlive_ is a Twitch streamer and a well-known PVP player in the Destiny universe. A brilliant PVP player, Hendrix handles end-game content […]


MrFruit is one of the most charismatic YouTubers and Twitch streamers around in the Destiny community. His personality, […]


Rezocast is a weekly Destiny community podcast created and hosted by Team Resolute, on of the most respected […]

Guardian One

Guardian One is one of the largest Destiny podcasts available. They have weekly episodes focusing on guardians helping […]


LacedUpLauren is a partnered Twitch streamer and a very popular player in the Destiny community. Besides being a tattoo […]


Lulusoccer is a Twitch streamer who enjoys everything about Destiny and loves to complete it all. Raids, Trials, […]


Gamer_Deimos is an incredibly talented artist/illustrator who creates amazing Destiny artwork and is also streams Destiny gameplay on […]


xHOUNDISHx is a very popular YouTuber in the Destiny community who regularly uploads videos on all things Destiny. Videos on […]


RealKraftyy is one of the most well known and respected streamers on Twitch and unique personalities in the Destiny community. […]

Ishtar Commander

Ishtar Commander is an amazing mobile gear manager app available to all Destiny players on Android and iOS devices. Created single-handedly […]

Destiny Reddit

Destiny Reddit is the biggest discussion/forum based social media platform in the Destiny community. The Destiny subreddit covers […]


Kevin (KJHovey) is a PVP/Trials sherpa extraordinaire. What Hovey can do with a sniper rifle in Destiny is truly […]


Gamesager is a partnered Twitch variety streamer and a well known member of the Destiny universe. An exceptional PVP player who […]

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